What is GameSwift Unreal-SDK?

GameSwift Unreal SDK is a toolset created to to help you seamlessly integrate GameSwift ecosystem into your Unreal Engine projects. Key features of GameSwift Unreal SDK are:

  • Rapid integration

    Installation and integration process is streamlined and can be completed in under 30 minutes. This means you can focus more on building your game and less on complex API integration.

  • Safety

    Firstly, GameSwift Launcher is equipped with a robust DRM system that guarantees players launch your game without altering any game files. Secondly, Multiple Logins Blocker ensures that a user account is logged in from exactly one device at a time. Both of these features prevent various types of abuses and help you maintain a secure and fair gaming environment.

  • Blueprint support

    All SDK features can be accessed both in C++ code and in the Unreal Engine Blueprint system. This versatility ensures that not only programmers but also non-coding individuals can work on GameSwift ecosystem integration.

  • Multiplatform support

    The wrapper is designed to work seamlessly on multiple platforms, making it adaptable for a variety of game development projects. You can bring the best gaming experiences with GameSwift Unreal SDK for Windows, MacOS and mobile.

GameSwift Unreal SDK is compatible with Unreal Engine versions 4.24 and beyond. We are committed to keeping it up-to-date with newer Unreal Engine releases, including Unreal Engine 5 and upcoming versions.

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