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Basic Functionality

GameSwift Launcher is a desktop application available for Windows and MacOS. Its main purpose is to enable users to install and update games, providing access to the latest versions. By minimizing the need to download entire games with each update, the launcher allows users to download only the necessary files.

Development and Independence

Initially, the application was developed in collaboration with an external company. However, we eventually transitioned to working independently, which provided greater control over the product and its functionalities.

Architecture and Technology

The launcher consists of two main parts: the front end, responsible for the user interface, and the back end, which manages logistics and game data distribution. The front end is entirely developed internally, allowing us to tailor the application to meet the specific needs and expectations of our users.

Integration with the GameSwift Platform

The Launcher is tightly integrated with the GameSwift Platform. Users can conveniently log in using their GameSwift ID, facilitating seamless interaction between various ecosystem elements, including games and services.

Payment system and G-BUCKS

GameSwift Launcher works seamlessly with G-BUCKS, enabling users to make purchases and transactions within the gaming ecosystem. The integrated payment system simplifies expense management and cash flow.

Role and branch capabilities

An important sales feature is that game producers can use our launcher to share builds with specific groups of people, such as investors or testers, granting them access to different builds.

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